tour de france circa 1990

not sure of the exact chronology...
hold on...
it is all coming back to me
all sorts of aspects of my life
(a good gwadzilla archive)

where I was at in school/internship at NIMH not classes
where I was at in relationships/had just finished my turn with a psycho
(she was a siren... she caused many men to crash into the rocks)
where was I ?
I was in Europe
well... at least for five weeks I was in Europe in 1990

with no real language skill
with no concept of currency or converstion
with no real itinerary and no real plan I went to europe with my friend rob
trip that most people would have spent months preping for with maps and books
we went with a Let's Go book and wide eyes

we each had celeste green bianchi mountain bikes
his a grizzley
mine a super grizzley after warranty
those bikes were sweeets!

an assortment of pannier bags with way too much gear
had we thought of it we would have brought an iron
we brought so much that we never needed

our trip was fantastic
we may not have planned or plotted
we may not have had any real destination
but we had a good time bouncing around
some days on bike
some days on trail
some days recovering from a late night in the clubs

I have not toured very much
but have always enjoyed what I have done

the cross country trip is definitely on my life list
a cross country adventure with or without kids
the metal cowboy did a cross country trek with his two young boys
my friend john's young kids were very understanding of their father's need for adventure

maybe I will go to europe and tour with my kids
maybe it will happen
I will have to make it happen
I will try to do a little more planning
as well as not planning has done me thus far in life
I think that things would go better if I spent more time planning

I wonder how fatmarc's friend's laurie and jeb are doing in france?
not sure if they have a blog
they should have a blog

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