my five year old is excited about getting me a unicycle for my birthday
my birthday is in a month...
it just may happen
but I am not getting my hopes up
as he is five.... has no job... has no money... has no means for making this happen on his own

it would be cool for me to learn to ride a unicycle
I could work on the unicycle skills while they ride their bikes
it will be humbling

a cool unicycle video at YOU TUBE
beyond my ambitions
I just want to stay upright and move about without getting hurt

stole this YOU TUBE VIDEO from Steeker in Toronto


Squirrel said...

Get yer self some ski poles, broom sticks what ever you can find at first. Give it an honest 2 weeks and you'll be riding it....maybe:) Learned in PE class while I was in da 5th grade, still ride one every now and again.


gwadzilla said...

well... it is 4 years later...

I got the Unicycle

I bought it for myself for my family to give to me for Father's Day