watching the tour

watching the tour
watching the weather

marveling at the riders and the countryside beside them

the beauty around them must aid to drive their power
it is a beautiful thing to watch
the coverage is amazing
the riders are amazing
it is a beautiful thing to watch

I went for a short ride on the bike today
the ride would have been longer
but I had to work late and I got social on the trail
ran into a few people
stopped to chat
slowed to catch up

got home before the storm
got home to my family hanging downstairs in the living room
no real activity
no television
just kids playing

I get down on the floor and try to get in on the game
there are new walkie talkies that do not seem to transmit more than a foot
there were wooden pieces of fruit that were getting sliced by wooden knives
a sound of velco as they split apart

brutus who is usually sitting across the room cam and sat along side of me
leaning in close

games changed as I quized them about their day
I have become my parents
how was your day?
what did you learn in school today?
not that bad... but pretty much that routine

dean catches a bug
well... the bug crawls onto his hand
dean is tame about pinching or holding the bug
I take the bug from dean pinching it gently trying to show him how to hold it

then I accuse him of trying to put the bug in my belly button
it was absurd
kids like absurd
I like absurd

grant got into the game
I teased as if I was going to put the but in to grant's belly... then dean
the giggling started
I mocked tickle that fed the laughter
the threat more than the touch excalates the laughter

then like it has never happened before
dean and grant attack at the same time
stuck like a turtle on my back I try to fend them off
by this time brutus is working well as a pillow

I laugh
I giggle
I scream
I beg for them to stop

everyone is laughing
lisa is smiling looking on
brutus is comfortable in the roll of pillow

there I am on the floor with my boys
I really needed to laugh like that
it felt good to have a good laugh

the kids are asleep now
the tour is playing on the tivo
and I am checking out some blogs

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