winding down with a drink and le tour

my day is coming to a close... not over... just winding down
the kids are still stopping around
lisa has just subbed in to try and get them to sleep
while I take a break from the debate
mixing up some blogging and stage six of the tour

today I tried to let the sound of phil liggett echo in my head
but... the bike of choice today did not fulfill the bike racer fantasy
so I just rode the bike
took the old colnago fixed gear with its upright position and its low speed high spinning gear for an hour ride
it was the bike of choice for getting to work
which makes it the bike of choice after work
this morning I spaced out and broke the no helmet no bike rule

my trajectory was set for an hour
my gearing had a different idea
my hour ride took roughly an hour forty five... perhaps just below two hours

that was more than I had intended but perhaps just what I needed
today was one of those days where it would have felt better to head straight home and hang up the bike
I fought that impulse and pushed the bike away from home
thirty minutes into it I was not regretting my choice
an hour into it I was really feeling my choice
an hour forty five I was nearly home and pleased that I had spun the wheels for over an hour thirty knowning my body needs something more than the standard forty five minutes
knowing that most cyclists log in longer hours and longer distant rides
ADD and parenthood cut into my desire to ride

got home
the house was void of people
lisa was at the zoo with the boys
the dogs were excited to see me
the dogs were excited to go for a walk

the boys are downstairs now...
the boys should be in bed but instead they have taken a seat and are watching Stage Six of le Tour
they are learning about feed stations and lunch bags
grant at two says.... I already hate this movie... I am gonna turn it off
now he has gone upstairs
had he turned off the television I would have sent him upstairs
I have given dean a few minute countdown
oh... grant is back with his smoothie
a little tour with daddy then off to bed

after a short sub thirty minute hike with the dogs
I returned to a house full of activity
the boys were home and there was Vace pizza on the table
Vace pizzza... one white pizza and one pepperoni pizza
San Pellegrino for all

during dinner i took a look at the clock
tried to figure a way to entertain the boys for the next few hours
lisa proposed a walk to the main street
I think she wanted a six pack... I was thinking ice cream
this idea vetoed my previous suggestion of fresh water in the kiddie pool
some time passed
the pizza was gone and the tummies were filled

before we could gather bikes and helmets for our move to the main strip dean was putting water in the kiddie pool
this action pleased me... the ride and hike with the dogs had my legs less than excited about chasing the boys around the alleys of mount pleasant

while the boys splashed around in the back yard pool lisa drove up to get her six pack
I lit a few mosquito candles to try and desuade and mosquitos from our area

the back yard pool drifted into the hot bath in the house
the pjs were on
books were read
now the present time
an empty drink by my side
should be Pernod.... instead it is whiskey
the tour is unfolding before me
the boys are still not asleep
then again.. this is the time they usually give in each night
time to mix another drink
and what the heck.... another slice of pizza

san pellegrino
(i like the line weight of the stars)

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iconoclasst said...

Ah, Pernod...all the fun of absinthe without the hallucinant.

Come to think of it, where IS the fun in that?

Bring back the wormwood oil, I say.