26 letters in the alphabet

taking it back
can not let my bitterness and anger spill over to the rest of my life

I am taking back the "W"
that letter is far too useful
as I can not live with only 25 letters

so today I borrowed a baseball cap from either dean or grant
which I am not sure
one of their hats
took it and wore it out to the local pub

can not associate each and every "W" I see with negativity
so I took it back
wore the hat and liked wearing the hat
the hat was comfortable and it covered my bald head

of course the hat was blue
I would most definitely not wear the red nationals baseball cap
now... lets see if I can get my head around wearing that red shirt with the big white "W"
I may need professional help on this one
if the "W" had been smaller or the shirt had been blue it all would have been easier

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Chris & Kelly said...

Yea, i hear ya on the red "W" hat. I've had the blue one since day one and wear it proudly. I read once that Dem staffers on Capital Hill will only wear blue while the Cons only wear red. At least it make it easier to spot a Con.

BTW, i added a credit to the pic you took that's posted on our blog.

Happy b-day!