all sorts of approaches to humor...

for all time there have been all sorts of approaches to humor...

writing on bathroom walls

crank calls

there used to be clowns in chatrooms
now there are comments on blogs

there were many forms of this low brow humor in the past

new forms of low brow humor will develop in the future

there will be low brow humor from all kinds

I am also a creator of low brow humor

I am at times a button pusher
one that jokes
one that teases

there are all kinds of approaches to humor from all kinds of people

it is important to be willing to take as much as we dish out

while reading the commets over the last week I was suspect

as with any electronic communication there is the effort to create the person on the other side

with that effort to create that person there is always a level of suspicion

is that person who they claim to be
we try to give the person the benefit of the doubt

other bloggers have their blogs and their blog profiles that aid in creation of an identy
or maybe an online persona
but the anonymous commentor on the blog can be ambigious

there were clues that aided to my suspicion
but I was gullible I got played

I can not say I know who it was.....
it does remind me of a few people

the four personas was a great touch

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