always good to be home

it is always good to be home
it will be good to be sleeping in my own bed
although I slept just fine in the various beds we slept in while in Colorado
and it was various beds

in the world of parenting odd things can happen in the night
a soundless game of musical beds
the children can wake commanding your presence
the children can wake commanding access to your room
there can be all sorts of bed combinations through the night

having the kids sleep through the night is always a pleasure

we will see how the time shift and all the late summer nights effect their sleep cycle in the days to come
maybe the record has skipped and will pick up at a premium position
early to bed and sleeping late
that is the equation that I dream of
but right now
I have kids that are training for a life of late night partying farmers

I love those little monkeys
I just wish they would stay in their own bed all night

excited to see the photos from the trip
am considering printing out the shots that dean took
he was so excited about using the camera
he likes to get abstract
I like to have him take pictures of the family
he likes to take pictures of whatever he wants to take pictures of
he will intentionally cut off my head in the shot
he will intentionally zoom in on my butt

he also followed my instructions and took a few shots of me on various hikes
my five year old camera man

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gwadzilla said...

I think before this computer was shut down last night my younger son migrated downstairs

as I tried to fall asleep in between the patter of little feet on my skull (grant kicking me in the head)
I heard my younger son

was able to get him to return to his bed