camelbacks.... and the kids

[imagine a camelback or better yet... imagine a collage of my two boys hiking up to some peak above tree line in Rocky Mountain National Park*]

still not in dc

not complaining about the lack of heat, lack of humidity, or the lack of work
this trip could use a little bike
that may change
it will be cool if the bike thing happens
it would be fine if it does not
Winter Park is on the radar for tomorrow

in Rocky Mountain National Park with the family

last month at the swarm of Wednesday at Wakefield races I managed to take the series in the Clydesdale class
(yes, first in clydesdale with four races... while my doubling up and racing single speed before the clydesdale race put me in last for single speed in the series)
for the three wins out of four clydesdale races I scored a camelback for each win
although this may seem like overkill
to a father with two young boys
this was perfect
actually... the fourth would have equiped the wife.... now that would have been perfect
but that is not how it played out

took these three packs out with the family on this colorado trip
in an effort to keep the boys hydrated I am having them wear these packs
the novelty is so strong that they sip while seated in the car

very cute to see two and a half year old Grant wearing gear
Dean is totally into the pack
he has already customized it with an olympic badge that came with some item from the grocery store
Dean is wearing the pack on all hikes....
Grant is touch and go with the process


Dean and Grant have both chewed through the bite down valve
my free packs are already starting to cost me
guess I will get a chest strap when I get the replacement valve as these pack could serve us well back east

thanks PVC for a great set of races at Wakefield
thanks for a great set of prizes
oh... the boys look great in the medal
but coming home with one medal did initiate a fight

*not only am I on dial up and bypassing the long upload time of images
this computer lacks a slot for an SD card
had thought it had such a slot
but... was thinking of my silver laptop
not the work silver laptop that I am traveling with
oh well...
guess the images will be played with when I get back
a few images of bikes in Boulder
lots of images of the family

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