carrying my banner... waving my flag... laughing at myself

I crack myself up...

had I seen me now from the perspective of myself from a few years prior I would laugh at myself...

I carry my banner
I wave my flag

my car is coated with all sorts of mountain bike and cycling stickers
it seems that nearly all of my t-shirts are cycling related
what is next?
a cycling tattoo?
a vanity plate for my car that says something cycling

a year or so ago I sent a poke in the direction of fellow DCMTB team member Joe Foley about his collection of race numbers
I asked if he saved all his race numbers
the other day I was trying to clean up my space in the basement
when I noticed all my race numbers
I too am not collecting all these race numbers
I just have not thrown them away yet

I have become someone I would have criticised a few years ago
me and all my gear
walking into a party with a baseball cap with a cycling emblem, t-shirt with a cycling image, and even cycling socks
hey, look at me!
I am a cyclist!

it was not planned
it just happened

don't be fooled
the part has not become the whole
the part... is a big part of me
cycling is a big part of my life
it is a big part of my life now
it was a big part of my life then
I plan on keeping cycling a big part of my future


rickyd said...

I really like how my buddy Mike put his numbers up: http://www.kwyjibo.com/me/

For a nickel, know where his domain name comes from? No cheating and looking it up on the web...

Frank Brigandi said...

I used to save all of my numbers and write my result and what I did during the race, how i felt, or what happened, the weather, etc etc....my wife accidentally threw all of them away along with some valuable hockey cards......*sigh*...