days are getting shorter...

the days are getting shorter
slowly shorter
there may be days where you work late
there may be days where you head to the pub after work

get a light
put it on your helmet
store it in your bag

don't get caught out there without a light
cruising the path at top speed like one of the LOST BOYS may be cool
if you are a vampire
but, if you are a regular cyclist... get a light

nite rider
princeton tech

now that you have the sense to have a light
keep the HID for the dirt rides
keep the light pointed at the earth
not at the on coming cyclists face
it is nice you want to make eye contact
but... blinding your fellow cyclist is as obnoxious as riding with no light at all

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Freewheel said...

I just ordered Planet Bike's Alias from Nashbar. I hoping it will do the trick.