discipline.... I just want to play with them

I did not have children to discipline them I had them to hang out with and play with them tonight on my ride home from work I was trying to keep it mellow was on the Specialized tri-cross wanted to keep it in the small ring wanted to keep it spinning on a bridge that crosses over river road a pace line of commuters came up on my left before the crest of the bridge they had to fade over as there was oncoming traffic a few joggers or something to that multi-use trail effect the second guy faded right on top of me I had to break and fade back then came up on the left and asked them what they were thinking the second guy, the guy who faded right into me said he was sorry sorry? sorry for what? sorry for what you are everyday? the trails are not the place for a paceline the first rider takes off his headphones to try and get an idea what I am saying I start over the trails are not the place for a paceline it is just like in a car... if you are racing nascar and you are following close behind it is called drafting but, if you are driving your car on the highway and you are following that close it is called tailgating there is the... I said I was sorry I did not want to hear that I am sorry crap if I did not say anything he would not apologized he would not have realized his idiocy but there were two runners coming up the bridge exactly... when you are driving your car do you pass blindly because the car in front of you is passing? no it is the same thing here the third guy in the pace line tells me I am holding them up I tell them to keep on rolling they do not need to stick around and listen to me there is a little more back and forth there is a little more of my grumpy diatribe eventually I have to pick up the pace not to drop them but just to be away from them I am not out riding the trails to have to discipline and educate other riders I want to just go ride my bike I turned it around at Bethesda Ave and pointed it back down the Capitol Crescent trail for home a short ride my rides are like most riders day off I take the Capitol Crescent trail back home the same way I came wanted to ride longer... but had to get home to the family gave my three new friends a smile and a wave as I passed them headed the opposite direction they gave smiles and waves back I am sure they had a laugh about the feak on the bike me the way back was the same set of uneventful near head ons with riders who can not see further in front of them then the top of their front wheel some near serious head ons then back home got back home and took brutus for a hike on the Melvin Hazen a short ride and a short hike are better than no workout at all guess I have to discipline my children if I am going to want to play with them

just as roadies do not like other roadies
freds do not like other freds
do mountain bikers like other mountain bikers?
for the most part
I do not like people

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