The Ditty Bops... Exploit or Exploited

the ditty bops at rapsody
the ditty bops at myspace
(i like FISH TO FRY)

a press release at Adventure Cycling Association

an interview at CICLE.org
(home of MALCOM BMX)

these ladies are cute
and they work it
they are talented, sure...
but we could ask the record executives at Warner Brothers why they bet on this horse....

cute would file up there with talented
quirky is part of the mix... but cute falls below cute

I do not make the rules
I do not even like the rules
it bothers me that Ella Fitzgerald would sit in the waiting room as the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara's of the world would pass her by

singers should be judged by how beautiful they voices are and not how beautiful their body is or is not
with the now 25 year old MTV
how someone looks is as valuable an asset as how they sound
unfortunate and stupid
maybe we will out grow that superficiality
I doubt it

they are both riding Surly bikes...
wonder if that is a sponsorship thing?

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