do we need a sign for everything?

[Imagine a picture of Yogi Bear here... that is Yoge Bear.... Not Yogi Berra]

yesterday I was driving with my family through the Wild and Wonderful turns and twists of the road that passes through Rocky Mountain National Park

much like every other tour-on in the park we made a number of stops
we stopped for scenic overlooks
we stopped to pee
we stopped to see elk
we stopped and saw elk while we peed

at one of our stops, perhaps the highest stretch of road in the park
two miles high
there were all sorts of mountain chipmunks and mountain squirrels
we stopped to take in the view, but hardly looked past the nearly domesticated vermin at our feet
while I guided my children to be cautious of the overly comfortable and curious little animals
I told them not to feed the animals
by my side was one of the many overly large american tourists breaking open a bag of sunflower seeds
I informed here that we are not supposed to feed the animals
she said that there was no sign
I said... that there were signs everywhere
she said she had not seen them
I asked if she had seen the Yogi Bear cartoon as a child...
then told her that it was common sense
to that she told me, my children, and her fat children with nascar t-shirts and rat tails that I am a f-ckhead

seconds later Ranger Bob rolled up and told us not to feed the animals as I was instructing my older son to mimic the action of feeding the animals to get a shot of him along with the local critters

to this I thought about our world of signs....
so many signs exist
so many signs are ignored
I say.... take down the signs... take down all the signs

take down the sign with the icon of the camera telling the tourist of the photo opportunity
if they do not see that this is a great place to take the picture then well... they do not need the picture
take down the warning sign of the sharp curve as it may allow natural selection to rid us of a few undesireables

take all the signs down
take them all down
take a few year break
lets put the signs up again
as the signs for the most part go unseen
maybe we could put up the signs and have them be a tad more effective if they are noticed

Boulder has great signs
Boulder has great bicycle related signs
the cyclists have rights... so the cyclists tend to obey the law

In Washington DC, the cyclist has no rights
the cyclist in Washington DC grits their teeth, throws out their elbows and takes what they can
the DC cyclist takes what it gets... the law does not protect them... so the law does not apply to them
in Boulder, the laws instruct the cars how to behave around cyclists and the laws instruct the cars how to behave around cyclists
it is a much more civil world than the anarchy that is Washington DC

that is really two different thoughts..
but that is how my mind rolls


stupid said...

"Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
Blockin' out the scenery, breakin' my mind
Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?

The problem, as you said is that people seem to ignore (or not see) the signs. It seems stupid, but we have flashing stop signs at some intersections here. They were supposed to be temporary till people got used to having the signs there. Then they were supposed to be replaced with normal stop signs. But when they removed the flashers, people ignored them. Or they didn't see them anymore. They put the flashers back up.

It reminds me of the cartoons where the crooks hideout would be so obvious that they might as well have some signs out front. But only the super-heros could see what was obvious.

gwadzilla said...

the signs seem to be nothing more than an eyesore in so many cases

we all know the law

do we need a sign telling us not to steal or kill?

would that help?

seems that we need to modify our system of penalization

shaming seems to work
perhaps we could get more active on shaming obnoxious drivers

drunk drivers
red light runners
double parkers

a big sticker on the door
something to that effect

bet that would keep them from parking in the company lot

it is worth a try

may get people out of their cars

maybe taking their cars away would be the best resolve
I would be willing to shame them first

"I am an ASSHOLE who parks anywhere with no concern for anyone else...."

I would put one of those stickers on all the people in DC who think that because they are going to church they get to park in cars while they are at some service with some big hat
man that bugs me
seems that they do not even break even with their church visit and their double parking