the domestic side of bike guatemala

bike guatemala/old town outfitters

was going to post about how the domestic half of Old Town Outfitters is going to be on HGTV House Hunters with his beautiful family this Sunday....
but can not find the email with the specifics so the message loses its punch
I have yet to make it down to Guatamala for an Old Town Outfitter's adventure
maybe when the boys get bigger


gwadzilla said...

took brutus on a night hike
a short night hike

was bummed at how beautiful these local trees could be
was bummed at how beautiful these trails are not
the trails are beautiful
but the trails could be more beautiful

sustainability is not a concern of these less than maintained trails

it was good to get out with brutus

when I got back....
lisa was watching Steve and the family on HGTV
it was funny....
I missed the majority of it
apparently they saw three houses
and the house with the primitive basment was what made the sale as Steve envisioned where he could put his bikes
it was good to see steve, holly, and their daughter nellie
even if it was on tv
did not see their dog grady...
but I am sure he was there for a beauty shot
grady is their dog

lisa says that grady did not make it on the show

apparently there was a bit of a before and an after
I only caught some of the after

apparently it was pretty funny
from a domestic father point of view
and a friend

steve was a light guy on a cumulative clydesdale team with me a few snowshoes ago

I should check the dvr
but future viewings are unlikely

Jeff said...

My gf and I rented mt bikes from Old Town Outfitters down in Anitgua last fall, for a fun ride with Matt leading the way. Before we even made it out of town we realized the DC connection. Small, small world.