an email has sent me dreaming

nasty habit

a friend has me jonzin

bikes are expensive
it is that simple
i have an expensive habit
I am addicted to bikes

got an email from san francisco
a friend who has been riding for a long time just got a new bike
he has ridden lost of different bikes
over this long time of riding bikes
but I think his world is going to change
and I am jealous

moving to the 29er is a whole new experience
call me a convert
i believe
well, maybe it is as much about fit as anything else
but... it is different
and i like it

so... this guy has bought this beautiful full suspension 29er
man... he loves to ride
man... he is going to love to ride more
man... i would love one of those fisher full suspension 29ers

heck, I think I would be willing to try a fisher single speed 29er
as much as I love the karate monkey
the weight
starting to feel the weight
and well
the rigid single speed may not be rigid much longer
I am tired of getting beaten up
and an after market rigid fork does not make sense to me

although I am not ready to buy a new bike
no real need
and well
no money
but... this email has me thinking
not only am I jealous
I would love a new bike
a lighter bike would be awesome at the shenadoah mountain 100


Frank Brigandi said...

Well, Fisher once again has beaten everyone to the line with the newest style of bike to demand attention. Unfortunately ( and I say unfortunately for a reason Joel, so stay with me..) yeah, 29ers are the wizzle, great concept...BUt geometry is everything and I mean everything. Bad geometry will make a great bike ride poorly, make a light bike feel sluggish. Great geometry will make a poor bike ride superior. Fisher's angles are strange to me. The head tubes are really laid back for cross country bikes...the front wheel tends to do the flop and drop when turning, renedering a rider into understeer, inable to turn quickly with precision. BUT! a slack head angle will render a bike great on downhills, it will handle better....i hope they work the bugs out. I have a SS 29er coming from chris herting wherein, my angles will be 72.5 72..17" 22.5 top tube....that's good geometry for everything especially single track.

random said...

i disagree, not that i have ability to tell how a certain angle feels i just like the way the rig handles, predictable and smooth, light and rigid is the way. for me at least. fisher got it right on this one, for me...