a few things from the weekend

it was a good weekend
no time in the pool
still have yet to get to the beach
still have yet to eat all I can eat steamed crabs
I have had Old Bay on my corn on the cob many times

this weekend some friends from the cycling world had a little art show/house party
a few messenger photographers brought by some prints
AZ, Kevin Dillard, and Scrooge all had various images on display
as I am not sure if what I do is photography I grabbed an old laptop and an old monitor I have kicking around the basement and dropped things off with a slideshow that was set to play some 70 odd images in a random sequence

dropped off the monitor and machine on Saturday morning
never made it by for a viewing myself
was tempted
Cargo Mike dropped by with a shock pump on his way across town
Mike stayed for dinner
but by the time the kids were asleep I barely had time to double check my gear for the next day's race

the gwadzilla blog slideshow was interesting
it was not a best of

it was not a whose who in the dc messenger scene
it was a mish mash of stuff
just was surfaced as I through things together in my usual last minute fashion
it was a great collection of some of the earlier stuff I did with captions to the more uniform portrait stuff I have been doing
the quality of my photography has changed as well as my composition
things have gotten more simple

max and byrn each messengers as well as residents in the house said that things were well recieved
not in a New York... IT IS ART/THAT IS FANTASTIC
but in an interesting background setting to the action of the party
which was just what I had intended

today I grabbed the laptop and monitor when I picked up Max
as Max needed a lift to the Cranky Monkey mountain bike race at the Marine Base at Quantico

Max was prepared... but I think that he had enough of my banter in the car
cause I was rolling up on him early in lap one
when he just picked up the pace and left me in the dust
guess he figured he would wait to hear what I had to say on the drive home
escape the madness for a few hours
unlucky for him there was some nasty Interstate 95 traffic
he was stuck along side of me for more than expected

Max had a solid race
as did Cargo Mike ("Coach" as he is known to those who know him)
Cargo Mike managed to get second in the Single Speed... leaving him first in the Series for Single Speeders
others did well
all sorts of folks from DCMTB where there
many finished strong
many had days like me and were just happy to finish

will check out the results tomorrow and know more what happened on the bike when people start posting reports

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