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(I wish I had the time to ride for a few hours)
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Frank Brigandi said...

Hi Joel,
No, i do not sell sport legs, you're a riot, funny stuff......Yeah, that was a risky post, coffee, I like coffee, I'm addicted for sure, but I have never attempted to use it as a way to excel, I never drank coffee while training or racing. I just slept more and ate well, and of course logged the miles to get the job done......But I do drink coffee now, shit I love coffee it's a food group for me....red bull, I never tried it, but I'm not going to hurry out and try it either, I'm just not into that kind of stuff, it;s just not me y'know? I can;t even stomach mountain dew and coke gives me nausea...we used to drink coke syrup and molassas nearing the end of a road race, and it certainly gave you something to hold the pedal down onto the floor boards for sure......That's just sugar, I haven't drank any since I'd say, 1991 maybe......yes my views are obstinate and very harsh, but I never learned much grace when exposing myself, or my felings, I just sort of puke it all up and make sense of it later I guess....hey if it offended you Joel, I apologize, I wasn;t targeting anyone personally, and I do not belive you to be one who partakes in anything that would jeopardise health, or happiness and reputation.

Frank Brigandi said...

I forgot to mention,
I get lost frequently on road rides because I've had some issues with memory due to concussions, but somehow, it's getting better. There are entire periods of my life I do not remember, ie races, rides, events, friends, aquaintences, good times, bad times.....I look at pictures and then remember things,
I don;t really have much time to ride, but I tend to get lost alot, but at least I get some time on the bike which is nice, y'know?

gwadzilla said...

no offense taken...

I love my coffee
I live my Red Bull
and I love my Coke (that is Coca Cola... not the illegal product derived from the coca plant)

the Sports Legs topic is an interesting one
as the notion of banned and unbanned substances

there may be teams ahead of the curve
like a radar detector vs. the radar
I have always felt that there are elite athletes on teams using things that would be banned if the governing bodies knew what they were

the question....
at what cost?

I am just a guy that loves to ride his bike
I do not train enough to get the results of these things anyway

for me...
more time on the bike would be the key to faster times
you may recall the days of early fatherhood
it is demanding