gwadzilla got played

this week the electronic world got the best of me

brother joseph

I think they are all one in the same

or at least equally annoying


Frank Brigandi said...

Funny thing about that person (s) is you may know them indirectly. For someone to atack someone randomly is a far shot. THis may be a person whom you know indirectly. Someone jealous of you in some way, or soeone who wants to affiliate with you. BUt doesn;t have the social grace to just exhist along side of you......

Rocco said...

brother joeseph was suspicious from the get go. you were just playing along ;)

gwadzilla said...

I forgot Larry

how very funny.
very funny indeed

gwadzilla said...

that is the fun of a prank
being able to laugh afterwards

gwadzilla said...

I was skeptical of all the comments
or should I say
I was skeptical of all the sources

I went along
not so much played along

I got drawn in
and well
I got played

tyrone one
larry one
brother joseph one
janet one

gwadzilla zero

unless I get points for six races at wakefield in just over a month