Judy's Time: should be shortened into a beautiful PSA

Judy's Time should be shortened into a beautiful PSA
it is already a wonderful film... but shortened it would make a wonderful Public Service Announcement

the film is compiled
the clips have been shortened and edited
just shorten it and edit again
then add some narration

erin flannery made this film several years ago about her mother
erin and her brothers and sisters can alternate the narration of each seen

maybe start with some stills

{a picture of judy flannery}
erin's voice: this is judy flannery

{transitions into a slide show of her with her husband; maybe a vacation shot... maybe a wedding shot, maybe judy just looking young and pretty}
mr flannery's voice: judy was my wife

{shots of judy with her kids}
the voice of her children: judy was our mother

{then move to some motion shots of Judy running and working out}
erin or other children could talk about her discovery of running and then running races at 40

{the pictures continue... some ironman shots... some of her medals and awards and her achievements}
the story is told

then the story unfolds
judy's accomplishments
judy's inspirational energy
judy as a mom
judy as an athlete
judy being judy

then the tragic end
a description of the circumstances of a car running head on to a line of training cyclists
head on?
yes, head on
what may have been a sick twisted joke going terribly wrong
the details are told

then it is explained
that each cyclist is not an obstacle
no each cyclist is a human being
these human beings can be a wife, a mother, an athlete, a friend, an inspiration
judy was all these things
but she is these things no more
as a car driver did not see the cyclists as people comprised of flesh and bones
this car driver like so many car drivers did not see the human element to the cyclist

or something to that effect
I would not be involved in the project
I am not a film maker, Judy's daughter Erin is the film maker
and certainly
the members of the family could write the script and retell the story with more heart and more emotion
so that maybe
just maybe
some people could grow to understand that cyclists not only have a right to the road
cyclists have a right to life

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