just some stuff to read.... injury on the bike

as many readers know I am a cyclist
my focus is riding the bike
I love to ride my bike
I do not always want to ride my bike
but I ride my bike just the same
a few minutes into riding my bike I am reminded that I love to ride my bike
riding my bike on dirt is my favorite part of riding my bike
I ride my bike on pavement not just because I love to ride my bike
but because riding my bike on pavement makes me faster on dirt

last year I suffered two injuries; a broken/dislocated index finger in the spring and a dislocated shoulder in the fall
nothing too serious, but serious enough to take me off the bike and send me to the doctor
there was some surgery all sorts of physical therapy
as well as a good deal of time on the bike
those injurys are still part of my daily life
the pain and the fear of recurring injuries
it sucks
but.... it is not like I got diagnosed with cancer

I am a cyclist
I am not a cyclist for a race
I am not a cyclist for a season
I am a cyclist for life
it bummed me out that I missed races and missed part of the season
but.... I put it all in perspective
I was fine and would be back on my bike
there are future races and future seasons

for those who do not know I am co-captain of a mountain bike team
DCMTB is our team (DC-mountain bike)
our main sponsors are City Bikes and Metro Gutter
Joe Foley is the co-captain.... he really handles the lions share of the captaining responsibilities
earlier this year Joe broke his clavicle
this was a real bummer for Joe, as Joe has been getting faster and stronger over the last two years
he dropped weight and he picked up some serious speed
once recovered from his clavicle joe was in a bike/car accident, which took him away from his bike again....
it sucks, but he is okay

Matt Donahue, another DCMTB member crashed his bike and injured himself
dislocated his shoulder to be more specific
this has been a recurring injury for him
the dislocation bums him out
but the injury does not bum him out as badly as missing the Shenadoah Mountain 100
I tried to share with Matt my feeling of being a cyclist for life
it was over email... I did not see... but I think he gave me the finger for my Chicken Soup for the Injured Cyclist Soul type of philosophy

DCMTB team site

Joe Foley's Blog
Joe is a cyclist, a photographer, and a lover of beer

Matt Donahue's Blog
Matt cross over from Downhill to cross country
he had the handling now he has the speed and endurance
but now due to injury, he is taking a few weeks off the bike

Brian Kemler in Mexico's Blog

Brian was the captain of DCMTB when I joined some years ago
funny picture of Brian as I seldom saw him without a helmet on

Sean Bega; City Bikes Chevy Chase head mechanic and director of Hub Racing has an article from the Washington Post about the death of Judy Flannery; check it out
Judy Flannery was a family friend and a Masters Champion in the tri-world
her life was cut short.... read the article

yesterday I signed up for the last Cranky Monkey and Charm City
today I need to suck it up and sign up for the Shenadoah Mountain 100
my wife and kids are going to camp
so I might want to show up and race

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