mega chic flick.... or so it seems they are selling it as such

chic flick
or is that
chick flick

tonight grant climbed on the counter
well, that is not so unusual
tonight grant climbed on the counter and knocked the glass pot to the coffee maker off counter
glass everywhere

the missing coffee maker would need to be replaced
we will want coffee in the morning
so, a trip to target in the suburbs was called upon

drove out to target
sure I should have ridden
but I am not so dialed into the world of loading up the trailer without the kids
it could be done
but it just is not part of my routine

so I drove out to target and followed my cart down the isles
there were so many temptations
I tried to stay focused
to my self I chanted
coffee maker
coffee maker
coffee maker

it was vital that I left with a coffee maker
I knew that I would be distracted by dvds, hot wheel tracks, febreeze, and all sorts of things that would seem to improve my life if I just tossed them in the cart and paid for them with my credit card

rather than risking things I got the coffee maker before anything else
to be safe I got the new and improved version of the mr coffee machine
that is what we had before
do not want to risk a jack and the beanstalk situation so I tried to be less than creative

with the coffee maker selected and in the cart I looped back
weaved my way around
fought temptation
felt weak so I rushed away from so many things that do not need to be in my cart

the power tools were the most tempting
the only thing that this purchase would fix would be my mood
I have tools
they may not be new
but they work just fine
or at least they are doing just fine
as I certainly do not use any tools other than bike tools very often

while in the dvd section I try to find something new that I had wanted to see in the theater but missed
there had to be something that I had wanted to see
there was nothing that was catching my eye
I pick up the package and read over things
the packaging was standard
I read the cover
a film to entertain women of all ages
or something to that effect
that did not make the sale

but I had heard that a friend from high school
who I had not heard from since shortly after college had been involved in producing this film
flipped the box
the design was pretty
but the font was difficult to read
which well... is a mistake I would make if I were a designer
with a scan for a familiar name or a somewhat familiar company name
there it was
only different
I knew him as les
wonder if he goes by leslie
or if he just used leslie so that it would sound like they had a woman in the task of executive producer
as it is a chic flick

I did not buy the film
although I am curious
the selling line makes it sound like a feminine hygiene product
and well
unless my wife gave me a list with specific instructions
I am not buying any feminine hygiene products

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