missing the monkey

missed race two of the cranky monkey
missing race three of the cranky monkey this sunday

no worries
there will be other races
although this one is so local that the fun factor is increased

my results at the Cranky Monkey #1 shock many including myself
it was a fun day for racing

my DCMTB team mate Chris Clarke stepped it up and won the 35+ last Sunday
wonder where everyone sits in the standings
(chris also kicked ass when we teamed up on a 35+ team for the 24 Hours of Big Bear)
((scroll down for the race report from that event)

citybikesmike has a good post about the rapidly approaching SM100

dial up sucks
I am going to bed


gwadzilla said...

seemed like good day for racing
or so it seemed from the perspective of a cab as I got a ride home from the airport

there were all sorts of people on the bike
I had thoughts of getting out on the bike
but it didn't happen

the whole family had to recover
we recovered at home
the boys were excited to be home
brutus was excited to have us home
we were excited to see brutus
and the boys were excited by their old toys
well... in conjunction with some new ones

to pacify the boys on the plane I always bring the airplane box

the airplane box is a small tackle box of toys
legos, crayons, some star wars action figures/stary wars vehicles, some matchbox cars, some nemo puffy sickers, and more legos

new toys refresh old toys

while the boys played lisa went to the grocery store and I tryed to corral the toys
that is where I dump out nearly every bin of toys and try to sort stuff out
bionicles with bionicles
little people with little people
knights with knights and with dragons
cars with all sorts of large and small cars
and all the old star war toys of various scales to join the new star wars toys that I got at walmart the night before our flight

took five bags of toys out of the rotation
dropped them off at a pre-k daycare center
there was some good stuff
hope they can put it to use
the clothing we often donate goes to the families
maybe these toys could be used either by the students or the families

could not have raced
could not have ridden
would have liked to have ridden
but happy to be rid of those toys

Anonymous said...

Hey Joel-

Welcome back. It was a good day for racing. But the good thing about racing is that there's always another race right around the corner. See you soon.