mission accomplished

those words have never meant the same since the president of this fine country printed up a banner, hung it in the backdrop of some large naval vessel, and uttered these words in front of our country, our troops, and the world

well... unlike "W"
I can say... Mission Accomplished
and mean it
well... mean it without fear of an immediate rebutal

this weekend Lisa went for a "girl's weekend"
which left me in the position of Mr. Mom
the boys are alive
the house is still standing
mission accomplished!

there were birthday parties, trips to the pool, rides in the trailer behind the bike, and a little time in front of the tube
Avatar Book 1 Volume 4 entered the rotation
as did the Tim Burton Willy Wonka
the extras for the Willy Wonka film had five year old Dean learning the steps of the Umpaloompas
it is all really quite hillarious
there was no coffee made
the kitchen went hardly used
many meals were eaten off the property

a good time was shared by all

on a side note...
our rental vehicle in Colorado had a drop down DVD player
the boys discovered it early on into the trip
there were some requests
but I refused
the most we spent in the car was a few hours
the mountains around us provided enough eye candy
I saw no need to pop in a movie and have my kids tune out their trip to Colorado
there was little complaining
it made me proud to see my boys soak in the world around them
watching out the window as we made our way from one mountain destination to another
looking for big horn sheep
spotting elk on the road side
looking at the trees, the treeline, and the mountain peaks
it was awesome

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