the more simple toys often take more complex thinking

wooden maple blocks
wooden thomas the tank engine track
plastic legos and plastic action figures
combine them and create new toys and new games

my boys are playing with our blocks, our trains, and some star wars action figures... no legos at this time
but there is always the option to add or modify

dean has spoken out against thomas the tank engine
as if thomas is so for four year olds and he is now five
but... reintroduce the same toy at a different level
and the old toy is a new toy
tonight I made tunnels and levels with the wooden maple blocks
the thomas the tank engine track was set up on each of these levels with three different tracks
the tracks never connecting
each with a battery powered engine slowly grinding its way around the looped circuit
each going through a network of tunnels
the tunnels are the wooden block supports that create the raised levels

the boys helped with the tunnels
I set up the track
my archetecual design
my engineering
but their respect for its delicacy
and its need for space

the blocks are ending
lisa is taking the boys up to bed
lisa asked dean to bring up the book that he was reading
it was a Thomas book... maybe the kids in the playground are letting him know that Thomas is for the little kids
cause dean threw it to the ground and said that it was grant's book

will clean up the creation
maybe add a star wars village theme to it
as the toys set up in the night make for an easier morning
dean still has one more week before he goes back to school (kindergarden)
it can be tough to entertain two boys on a long summer day
they get up early and they stay up late

is wacky track cheating?
I think it is

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