nina gordon

nina gordon
a friend of a friend
which makes her a friend
especially if there is a chance to drop her name

glad to Seether still rocking and rolling


nina gordon at myspace

when I get back to high speed I will give it a look and give it a listen

sent her a clever and cute myspace email
but it got lost in the dial up

that is a cute shot
not the glossy beauty shots that you can also see representing her
she is very cute
with or without the fancy photographer


gwadzilla said...

nina has way more friends at myspace than I could ever wish to have

even more funny....

the verification code below is nearly an anagram for the last name of our friend in common


or perhaps I am reaching
(one letter off... pretty close)

gwadzilla said...

seether/see her
I slay myself....
and yes
not only do I read other cycling blogs
I read my own cycling blogs

sometimes my posts are bookmarks for myself

Dr. Bartholomeow Dre said...

Click your heels little girl.