a photographer's fishing spot

this is a shot of larry camp from WAW#2
seems that this photographer found a photographer's version of a secret fishing spot
not that there are so many fish to be caught
when a fish is caught
it is a good one

this log is above and beyond my abilities
there is a girl scout route that the majorities of the racers take

here are some shots by gary of a number of WAW#4 trying to clear this log in a variety of styles
on all three laps tonight I went the other way around
on all 18 opportunities to try this log in the waw and cranky monkey races I have done in the past many weeks
I opted for the less than direct girl scout route

larry is wearing a sundress tonight
not sure who else is wearing what
best you go straight for the source


oh... I may want to get on my soap box
I just love my soap box
I think that the sundress was one hundred percent fashion
I do not believe that a sundress aids a single speeder to move more fast or more fluid
infact... I question if the seat catching the sundress prevented larry from trying to lauch the log
just a theory
as I was not there

I think I am going to go see what Rickyd was wearing... he can wear some freaky stuff on any given day
I would post it... but I will leave that for the Drunk Cyclist


gwadzilla said...

my body feels it
I am all beaten up from another night of the FIGHT CLUB

had a great time
an old clydesdale is back on the scene
he was moving fast and furious
apparently he was able to clear the log
could feel him breathing on my back

had to kick in the after burner
am excited to see the lap times
want to know if my last lap was a decrease or increase in time

there was a method to the madness of the reverse loop
shorter nights
meant darkness in the woods
it was not entirely dark
we were losing light
it was getting darker

I wore clear lenses
yet still
the wide open powerline transition to the tree canope in the woods was a dramatic shift in visibility

rickyd said...


Unsolicited comments on your own blog is cheatin'! ;)

I done the log just fine in my slutty glitter dress, sucka...

Anonymous said...

I agree -- censoring comments just because two @ssholes talk about race is crap. Lift the censor Joel!
Free our speech. I'm diggin' you going after that brother J- dude. I'd love to see that back and forth.


Frank Brigandi said...

That is a tremendous log. I forget how to ride logs that big, it's been a while, i'd be off and running over it.

gwadzilla said...

you looked so good in that dress
I did not even see the log

are you wearing underpants?

impressive move
even more impressive riding it bareback


gwadzilla said...


ricky was actually bagging on my commenting on my own blog

I had no desire to censor my blog
I would like to thing that I should be able to take what I dish out
I like the comments
I like the potential for a forum
the blog is an electronic conversation
and sometimes
the blog is an electronic cocktail party

there were a list of comments that I thought were more than offensive to just me

I do not care for the need for people to type in the verification code
I do not car for having to approve or deny comments

these are the best way to make the system work

thanks for coming back

it is hot
too hot to ride my bike anymore than straight home from work
too hot to try and drag the kids down the block to the zoo for a summer concert

so I blog as my boys watch the Incredibles

some times it is good to take it easy

they were all ready burned out on the kiddie pool by the time I jumped in with my cycling gear still on
(sans shoes)

I have a SD card full of images

let me see what I can toss on the page


did you see that picture of Rickyd
not just a pretty face
he can ride that bike too!