photography and a small world

feminine frames calendar
photography by mara rago

mara at myspace

last nice as I burned the midnight oil watching the tube and drinking my drink I wandered the weird world of myspace

chanced upon a friend's list that took me to a friends list that took me to a friends list
the tangents were such that I put two and two together

the face on my space and the notion of photography sent a light bulb glowing over my head

a number of years ago, the weekend prior to my wedding I was in Moab Utah at one of the Granny Gear 24 Hour Events
on the return flight home I rode alone as my Clydesdale team mates were all from the west
a few seats ahead of me was a women's sport team
there was a short interaction
there was a short exchange
that was that

the Internet makes the small world even smaller
there she is again...

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gwadzilla said...

it was photographer mara rago that was on the podium finishing sport team that I met
not the woman in the photograph

that year my team won the Clydesdale Class at Moab
the riding before the race and durning the race was awesome

that weekend adventure brings back all sorts of amazing memories

there was a kid jake racing on his single speed
it was the first time I had seen such an effort
it was more of an oddity then
now the single speed class can often be the largest class at some of the races