PV Glider.... a hundred bucks!

the PV GLIDER seems like a nice option
the price is still too high for me
to move away from the training wheels
I can not justify paying a hundred bucks
plus 20 bucks shipping

for a product that seems no better than the standard bike

I have kids bikes salvaged from the trash that I could easily remove the cranks from to give a kick model bike for the kids durning their transition between training wheels and non-training wheels

adults will remove the pedals and cranks to create what is called "a gravity bike"
there was a death involving a gravity bike and a car this weekend

single speeders remove gears and deraileurs
gravity bikers remove cranks and pedals
downhillers remove engines from motorycles... well almost
what will be removed next?


Johan Mörén said...

Cool. like the videos of the PV Glider.

I think one thing you won't get rid of if you strip a regular kids bike of it's cranks is the weight. A regular kids bike with 16-20 inch wheels weighs as much as your average grown-up commuter or mountainbike.

I found a company in sweden that sells similar bikes to the PV Glider and their bikes weighs between 3 and 4 kilos. 1/3 of the weight of my daughters first "real" 16 inch bike.

post about it here.


edmondello said...

checkout www.pvglider.com we have improved our products greatly. There are now 2 models the Mini Glider made out of Alloy for kids 2-5 and the Go Glider alloy for kids 6-9. They come in Red Blue And Pink.

Anonymous said...

Just a note....I found Bikes That Teach while googling Pv Glider and they ship for absolutely free within the continental US. I love my new Pv Glider, Bikes That Teach has individuals that also give excellent advice on balance bikes..

Anonymous said...

Just a note:
I found Bikes That Teach while googling Pv Glider and they shipped us a bike for free within the continental US. They also have employees that give great advice on balance bikes for kids...here is their website.