Racing at Wakefield 2006

Wednesday At Wakefield #4 is now behind me
the race passed without any technical difficulty
I chose to race with a camelback containing tools, tube, and pump
Murphy's Law... if I have it I will not need it... while... if I leave without it... I will certainly need it

the Clydesdale Class was giving me a run for my money
WAW#3 I flatted and suffered a fourth place finish
sure, I doubled up and raced the Single Speed Class earlier on the afternoon of WAW3
but, that was not the issue
it was an issue of time lost due to a flat tire

this week there was no doubling up
and there was no getting caught in the woods without a spare tube
three flats in three weeks would be beyond embaressment

at the line I knew I had some Clydesdales banging at my door
there was a pleasant exchange at the line
but when Scott Scudamore released us at the start the nicities were left in the dust
it was all about racing
I was all about winning that race and winning the Clydesdale Class Wakefield Series

the course was run backwards on this night just as it was the week prior
in hindsight I am figuring that the shorter backwards loop was run due to the shorter days
even with the shorter laps it was starting to get dark in the woods later in the race

just after the start
up the hill and into the singletrack I could feel a racer right on my rear wheel
after looking at the results I now know that it was Keith on his single speed
he had chased me into the woods in the same fashion the week prior

I took every pass I could
I tried to gap him on the straight aways
I tried to race fast and smart
tried not to burn out by racing too fast
tried not to crash by racing too fast
just tried to stay ahead of him

my effort was to get ahead of him fast
let him get stuck behind everyone I passed
for me to get far enough ahead so he just forgets about me and settles in to a slower pace

just as Keith had to pass people
I had to slow to pass people
gaps were gained
gaps were lost
such is racing on singletrack

at the tail end of lap two I was feeling pretty alright
was about to end up my lap when I caught out of the corner of my eye a Pedal Shop jersey
took a closer look at the racer a switch back behind me
sure enough... it was big old keith
so I put the hammer down

there was no way that I was going to just give him the race
if keith wanted it
he had to take it

so I accerated into lap three
when I really wanted to cruise

got squirrelly a few times on some loose trail
but tried to stay smart
tried to expend energy where it would benefit me
while conserving energy when I could

even being hot and tired I managed to make my last lap my fastest

that was the sixth time I had raced at Wakefield Park in just over a month
I bet I will not ride at Wakefield another six times before the year is up
I do know that I will certainly try to be racing at Wakefield next summer
as well as looking for Keith at future events

Keith was solid competition and a really nice guy
it was good racing with him
I look forward to lining up with him at future events

more on wakefield later


Anonymous said...

Have some balls, post my comment. Is your wife that good that you can not be human? I'm 29, just ended a think and could use a real man.


Want to talk or meet offline...let me know.

Anonymous said...

Joel your an idiot. I appealed to your dick and forced your hand. Your soo easy. Hug your wife and kids. I'm embarrased for you that you posted this stuff. I hope you did not write back to brother Joseph because we know him on the block...He looks about 80 and we are sure he is gay. You idiot.

gwadzilla said...

ah janet...

I posted the commets
before you said those things
there was a glitch as they did not come up as soon as you had thought

there is no time stamp
I did associate you to Brother Joseph
questioning who was the creepy one...

in an email to a female mountainbiker (also before your comment)
we talked... and we agreed that you were a joke (or a psycho)
we established that it was a joke
yet to be established if you are a psycho

and yes

Brother Joseph and I did have some email back and forth
we did not get anywhere
it was an email stalemate

it was a good effort on both of our parts

gwadzilla said...

if I wanted to act on an electronic attraction

my blog would be a bad place to do it
although my wife does not read it
we have many friends in common that do

so no
I never took your approach as being serious