saw dilllard at the race

saw kevin dillard at the race today
saw a bunch of his NCVC team mates as well
well... saw their backs as they passed me
while I bird watched and worked on my tan
they were racing
I was day dreaming

kevin had some images at the photography show/house party the other night
I mentioned when I saw the images that I did not feel that these were a good representation of his work
I like some of his face shots
he gets in close
his candid face shots are the best

dillard at velophoto
the house party/art show was hosted by Bryn
here is Bryn at MYSPACE

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Bryn said...

Indeed. He has a series of photos he calls "raw" which are basically b&w portraits and they are excellent. Kevin is a very skilled photographer. I was expecting stuff in that style at the show, but it's all good. Most of the blame should go to the organizer, who had never done anything like this before and wasn't quite sure how to put things together according to the idea he had in his head. I'll do things differently next time.