Shenadoah Mountain Touring

shenandoah mountain 100
my heart rate goes up just typing those characters

the wilderness 101 just passed
one year I should put this event on the calendar

the results are interesting
this company brings a great deal to the east coast scene

shenandoah mountain touring
oh, and chris scott is a good dude too

I need to take the plunge and just sign up for the S M 1 0 0
will have to play the late fee
there is still a little time to start logging some miles


Frank Brigandi said...

you should have ZERO problem completeing the shenandoah 100 Joel, all you need is some road prep. 2 rides each week, over 5 hours, logging around 60-8- miles...practicing eating different things, and drinking different things. The ultra distance races, focus less on technical mountain biking and focus more on fun. They want everyone to finish. They are not all fire road climbs and descents no, but they don;t kill with some of the circuit race stuff you see in a 6 mile cross country loop. YOu can;t do one of those 10 times without a trip to the emergency room, or not many people can at least. THe promoters wnat you to have fun, not quit and never come back. You certainly will have bed-time stories for the boys if you do that one.....

gwadzilla said...

I have done the SM100 a number of times
the issue is
I do not have the time for any five hour rides
I have not ridden for five hours since the SM100 last year
and before that
it was the SM100 before that
and so on
and so on
and so on

I am lucky if I can get two hours on the bike

maybe I will pull my kids in the trailer for some two hour bike rides