shenandoah mountain 100.. still in question for me

here it is
the tail end of august
the shenadoah mountain one hundred is just weeks away
labor day weekend to be more precise

this week was meant to be a barometric reading for me
a broken frame
a broken chain
a heavily bruised hip and sore left side kept me from rocking out a long road ride to see where my body is at

got to tow the kids in the trailer this afternoon
that does not tell me much
as although I lacked power for speed
I had no complaints with endurance
ironically... power is usually what I possess
while endurance is usually high on my long list of short comings

will ride a few post work rides on the Specialized Tri-Cross this week
that should be a good way to get out of town and see how my legs and lungs feel

the crash did more than bruise my hip
it bruised my ego and stripped me of some confidence

so much of the SM100 is mental
and right now
I just can not get my head around things


Chris said...

do the SM100
do the SM100
do the SM100

if we worried too much about whether we'd trained enough of if our fitness was sufficient we would never do these crazy endurance events. you know you can do it and you know it will be a rewarding experience.

'nuff said.

The Spud Man said...

Ouch, Musta been one hell of a crash to break a frame.

Have any pictures of the broken frame?

Alberto said...

Get well soon. And don’t feel bad. I still haven’t been able to do one single “metric century” yet let alone one of your cross country 100s. Give’m hell soon.

gwadzilla said...


my body is bruised
but I can not give into my demons

talked to the wife last night
she is excited about camping with the boys at the Shenadoah Mountain 100

so we are going to head south to Harrisionburg Virginia for Labor Day weekend

it should be a blast!

time to ignore the demons and get my head right

gwadzilla said...


the cracked frame and the crash were two different days

cracked my Jamis Nova Cross bike frame
it was a few years old
and well
I am a beast

tacoed the front wheel to my Surly Karate Monkey rigid single speed
the day after I broke my chain

towed the kids yesterday with the Karate Monkey geared bike with the front suspension locked out
man I felt slow
which may be my reality

Brian Kemler said...

go for it!

Brian Kemler said...

go for it bro!