thirty-nine today

today is my birthday

this morning as grant played happily with the thomas the train/star wars village i created the night prior, dean complained

dean is holding strong that thomas the train is not for his mature five year old tastes

so often an effort to do something cool can blow up in a parents face
like when I made tuna surpprise by mixing two boxes of regular mac and cheese with one box of arthur mac and cheese
along with the standard cream of mushroom and tuna
arthur was hiding all around
dean would have none of it
had it been all arthur or all regular mac and cheese it would have been fine
but the mix did not appeal to him
the mix drove him away

these responses tend to do more with a mood
this morning dean was in a mood

when lisa got back from a morning run with the dogs she reminded the boys that today is my birthday
everyone got a little excited
the boys each started singing different happy birthday songs

dean asked if he could give me my present now
lisa said, no tonight
dean said, no now
I said nothing... but was thinking, no now

lisa got the present

immediately I started joking as i was handed a small
a white shipping envelope that held the bulging form of whatever was inside

I questioned...
it does not look like a unicycle
it does not feel like a unicycle
it does not feel heavy enough to be a unicycle

I tore open my package
my eyes widened and my mouth smiled
it was a wool dirt rag jersey in grey and black
along with two pairs of dirt rag socks

what a great gift

dirt rag
no.... that is not me in the photo above
that is a different Clydesdale
Dirt Rag Co-founder Maurice
a clydesdale and a member of the mountain bike hall of fame

the jersey and socks are my size
the unicycle could be a tough purchase to make
size and quality and such
lisa made the right decision.... as per usual

dirt rag art director at myspace

the DIRT RAG FORUM sent me an automated message wishing me a happy birthday
isn't that sweet


Johan Mörén said...

Congratulations on your birthday and to your new wool jersey!

I had to buy mine myself.


Squirrel said...

Happy B-day big brutha:) I want a wool jersey...like an old Raleigh one that I haven't had any luck with finding..even ask ole' Sheldon Brown.


Frank Brigandi said...

Happy birthday Joel, congrats.

Frank Brigandi said...

Awesome present. Dean knew you'd dig the threads...kids know what is cool for daddy, not so much mommy though, strange as that is. My moms favorite birthday present ever was a Leon Russell t-shirt I bought for her with money I won in my first BMX race, also my first win in a BMX race, she wore it until it literally fell apart and it is now framed and in her dining room. looks like some sort of worn artifact....sometimes you just get it right, y'know....

gewilli said...

dude - you are lucky - i'll prolly get something i've gotta say 'wow, that's great, Thanks' with as much faked enthusiasm as i can muster to fool the 6 year old... u lucky...

and happy b-day...

i'll be a mear 35 in a week... but not looking forward to it... cause as far as cross is concerned, i'm already 35 and have been all year...

but its your day - happy freaking birthday Gwadzy!

Bryn said...

Happy Birthday!

Alberto said...

Older and wiser! Happy B day.

Phil said...

Happy birthday, and thanks for the entertaining bloging.

stupid said...

Happy Birthday.