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kevin dillard

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Anonymous said...


I was dissapointed by your response about our lord Jesus. Thinking about things on a bike does the world nothing. I see from your blog there is much hatred in the world. I was glad to see you took some messages off. Looks liek there are races "every weekend". Why not come see the lord on your bike and bring that family!

Brother Joseph, SVP Catholic Art.

gwadzilla said...


the hatred bothers me
not just the hatred directed towards me
but the hatred around the world

at this point I am between religions

I grew up catholic
was an alterboy
went to mass on sunday
attended catholic church for seven years

at this point in my life I still carry the basic core of catholicism

maybe I will follow you up on you idea and go to a Quaker meeting
but I am not sure I ever felt as if I gained anything by going to church
never walked away feeling more crisp, more clear, or more aware

as far as riding my bike and thinking
and this action being devoid from contributing positively to the world

the buddhist seek enlightenment
they do not seek enlightenment for themselves
they seek it for all
are they being selfish
is their quest doing nothing for the world?

thanks for your comments
send me an email
the link to it is on the side
this is a conversation worth continueing
why not keep it between us


I am not seeking enlightenment on the bike
my actions and my thouhgts along with my release
these things make me feel better
which allows me to be a better person
like a pebble tossed into a pond
the effect has many ripples

gwadzilla said...

tonight a wakefield I ran around with my camera
took some shots
until my battery ran out
that is like getting caught with a flat in a race
total novice
I took some shots of people at the event
it was a few people into it that I realized
kevin dillard takes great candid shots because he hides in the shadows with his long lense
while I stick my lense up someone's nose
which makes them respond to me
rather than acting natural doing what they are doing

those shots of me sitting down
I was hot
I am no actor
I can not fake that
I was darn hot!

gwadzilla said...

I was also going to say....
kevin is a better photographer

I do something else
some sort of collage thing
it is a thing

Anonymous said...

OK Joel we can speak off line....my email is brotherjosephcurtin@hotmail.com
Maybe I can convince you to let your children make their choices about God. Please though if you find this dialouge offensive do not write. I was drawn to your talk of Jesus on a bike. You seem to lack direction and I feel the church will bring you back to your core. Some of your writtings make me sense that sometimes you may be down or slightly depressed?

Brother Joseph, SVP Catholic Art.