two sets of images from Boulder

[image one: street performer- imagine a bearded street performer, maybe in his forties... maybe older maybe younger... years of fun and partying may have taken its toll
imagine a tall home made unicycle
white wall tire with low tire pressure
the body of the unicycle stretching 8-10 feet tall
add in a background of the Pearl Street Mall and a crowd of on lookers
a close up of his bearded face
a picture from below with a wide angle lense stressing the length of the unicycle
his shadow on the brick
a close up of the talented street performer juggling three sticks on fire]

[image two: a hip hop kid with a crunchy touch on a kids bike with 12 inch wheels
picture a baseball hat askew
the boy is young
his clothing is urban hip hop with a mountain spin
he pedals his bike till the chain falls off
then he walks along side the diminutive frame
several images: moving past, close up with a smile, walking the bike]

actual images to appear when I return to the city


Liz Schleeper said...

Great stuff here. You already loaded the images as far as I'm concerned. Wish I were in CO.

gwadzilla said...


colorado is great

sometimes I wish I live in colorado

I think that most vacations should give a person that temporary sensation

that said
I would consider moving to colorado