Weather... just another demon for this weekend

more demons to attack me as the weekend approaches
shenandoah mountain 100
I am starting to get psyched
there will always be fear
it is just a matter of what a person chooses to do with this fear
a person can buckle under that fear
that same person can choose to harness the energy of that fear and let it fuel them
I am now choosing to let my fear fuel me

to quote DCMTB team member Dave Vannier
"Ernesto... I am not scared of Ernesto"
(but... I think that is what many said about Katerina)


ExtrmTao said...

Ernesto is a wimpy name. . .

gwadzilla said...

perhaps that is why Ernesto went by Che

Frank Brigandi said...

It'll be nice and fast, real mountains tend to drain well, marks, do not.....don;t get freaked if the start area is really wet, it will dissipate as you go up in elevation.....dry at the top, wet at the bottom.....

gwadzilla said...

that sounds like some sage advice
already gettin more and more psyched
now weighing the situation for my wife and kids coming to camp
it is tough to keep two kids entertained and happy in a wet campground