what we see... what we think... what is true...

this is a sad story
a sad story for so many reasons

a little girl was killed
which first and foremost is the saddest part of all

the family members were victims
the family members were suspects
the facts or what appeared to be facts pointed towards the family

just like so many things we see in the news
we get an idea of what is the truth
we hold to that as the truth
even if we do not have all the facts
the family of JonBenet spent the last 10 years with a big red guilty stamp on their foreheads

maybe landis is innocent as well?

Mr. Peabody's Apples a book by Madonna that touches on a similar topic

creepy ode from creepy guy


gwadzilla said...

the whole pagent culture is a little odd..

I am not sure I get "show dogs"

I definitely do not get "show kids"

why is that kid painted up like a doll?
I do not know

was that part of the tragedy?
I am sure it contributed to it

Frank Brigandi said...

He didn;t do it, just trying to cash in on somethkng. He's under investigation (again) for child pornography. He's just some turd with an agenda. I wish he was the uy who did it, but it's not him.

Frank Brigandi said...

people who put their kids on display like that are looking for praise themselves, it's a mental disorder to say the least, tragedies of this sort are frequently affilliated with these types of parents, tragedies either socially, or on a larger scale...

gwadzilla said...

now they are saying that he didn't do it
that is part of the point
remember the Olympic bombings
that guy
the security guy
they said he "fit the profile"
then called my a fat loser with no life
and guess what
he had nothing to do with it

maybe they should have read Mr Peabody's Apples

gwadzilla said...

I hate how world travel has this sex trade freak show side to it...

the buying and selling of young bodies

sick sick sick

this guy is a freak show

the sex trade is one thing
but when people start getting into the pedophilia... it hits a whole nother level

the people who sell are as bad as the people who buy
there is no measure of the money for selling someone off like that

it is different when an adult makes a decision to take their life in that direction
but to sell someone else off like that...

beyond sick sick sick

morally bancrupt