while I am thinking about alleycats

a picture is worth a thousand words
this photo blog most certainly tells thousands upon thousands of beautiful words


a photo blog from Harrissonburg VA
well... there are words too
but is primarily images

also from the same source down in Harrissonburg
that may be too many Rs or too many Ses
spelling is just another one of my weaknesses

there is going to be an alleycat worth checking out in that neck of the woods...

Douthat Dynamo

now they need some images
maybe a flyer

on Labor Day weekend there is some Messenger event in Philly
a big deal
maybe like saying Lollapoloosa is some music thing

give it a read
it sounds like an awesome event
a week after the Shenadoah Mountain 100
wonder if it is the anti-sm100
definitely give it a read
if they create an image I can post it again

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