the title of this post is funny
it is like a vanity plate that tells the make and model of the car

today is 9/11/2006
nine eleven is a combination of numbers that means a great deal to the world

yes, today is the five year anniversary of the Attacks on the United States on September 11th

today is a day of reflection... a day of contemplation... a day of rememberance
remember where you were that day
remember how you felt that day
remember all of those that lost their lives on that date
lives have been changed... permanantly changed

a Wikipedia page on the attacks of September 11th, 2001

in no effort to be disrespectful I want to share a few links to some alternative information
by no means is that what I believe
at times I do not know what I believe
as these are times to question our government
remember the cover up of the death of Pat Tilman
or the effort to cover up the photos from Abu Grab
there is more information out there
we may never know the full truth

here are a few alternative resources worth reading/viewing
even if you do not believe the conspiracy theorists
it is interesting to think about

Wikipedia on Loose Change
Loose Change Official Site
Google Video

another documentary
Press for Truth

an anti Loose Change site... Screw Loose Change
Moose Change

Michael Moore's site
a movie by Michael Moore that every one should see; Fahrenheit 9/11

let this day be a reminder of the not just what is bad in the world, but also what is good in this world
love your family
love your freedom
take nothing for granted

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