Zoo said...

look at that...you're famous, you ask for a photo and peeps know who you are, great stuff. What kind of bike was that?

Zoo said...

P.S. Hope you don't mind, but I linked you to my blog. I think I had you linked a while back but lost it when I deleted my blog by accident :P

gwadzilla said...


thanks for linking to my blog

I need to update my links

better yet

I may just blog about all the new blogs I am running around to
(including yours)

it amazes me the vast growing network of bicycle bloggers

little niches all over the country and all over the web


gwadzilla said...

not famous...


there have been a few times when cyclists have anticipated my approach

knowing that I shoot pics of DC cyclists
some people recognize me when I approach


have no idea what I am talking about

I get blank stares
as some people still have no idea what a BLOG is