an article that touches on a few ideas I believe strongly in

article about kids walking and/or riding their bikes to school

loved this quote
the odds of your child being the victim of a Polly Klaas-style abduction are roughly one in a million. Your child is 13 times more likely to die playing football than to be the victim of abduction
when my brother and I were kids our school forbade the students from riding their bikes to school
we decided that we would ride our bikes to within a block or two of school
someone snitched
not sure how or why our school thought that they had a say in what we did once we left the school grounds
that facist institution known as Our Lady of Lourdes had a long list of rules for us in and out of school
I would start on the list
would have to enter therapy if I really got into it


Anonymous said...

The problem with this quote is that one in a million is not great odds when your talking about your child. I've been on the short end of odds sometimes. In the end it does not matter right? But an injury playing football is one thing and child stolen forever ultimately points back to the parents. Walk with them or ride with them.

gwadzilla said...


I think you are correct
it is important for us to protect our children where we can

that we should also be healthy in understanding the odds

people fear shark attacks
but I heard that more people are killed per year by toasters than sharks
is that keeping people out of the kitchen?
then why are these odds keeping people out of the ocean

I am cautious with my kids
as any loving parent is
I try not to be paranoid

Anonymous said...

Paranoid much easier label than non-responsible parent in my book.
This is what makes the world go round - to each his own--and what will keep people saying--what kind of idiot parents would let their children do that! once the one in a million happens. Creation of life involves one in a million type odds--where everything goes perfect. Risk your own life. Let your kids have theirs.

gwadzilla said...

I am careful
I will be careful

it is a dangerous world
I can respect that