baby bjorn


marla streb
getting wild!

this reminds me of a little incident with Steve Irwin

take a close look
read the fine print


Frank Brigandi said...

I've seen this pic Joel, and I was shocked. It's probablly worse than dangling a baby over a balcony.....is she taking any anti-sychotic medication? what was she thinking....?

gwadzilla said...

gotta read the fine print....


it is marla streb

I do not know her
I know how she was marketed
wasn't she the women in the ad that ran into the tree?

could not find that clip
then again
I do not know what it was plugging

found this
looks like marla touring in Thailand
the cliff jump is sweet


is that madonna?

Frank Brigandi said...

Hey Joel,
I read her that blog page a while back and I don;t remember seeing anydisclaimer regarding that supposed baby being a rag doll. It read that she has been practicing it for a short while getting the baby used to it, and practicing safety. weird....another coverup? where's oliver stone?