biggest loser club

the biggest loser club
this has nothing to do with segways or hummers
although those individuals are instant winners in my mind

this has to do with fat people trying to get skinny
biggest loser club

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Frank Brigandi said...

Hi Joel,
A doctor friend knows one of the physicians who was involved with cast members, their monitoring basically.
1 Male and 1 female contestant, admitted to using epo and HGH as well as anabolic steroids to acheive results. And apparently were paid by a major corporation to use the drugs, but not promote them publicly. Their personal results are shocking. THey could have acheived the same results naturally, but decided to forego honesty and cheat apparently.
There will be a television show airing soon on cable that exposes some of the tactics used by shows, like biggest loser.
I watched one of the shows, episodes of biggest loser where the husband was admittedly using HGH and lost all sexual interest in his wife and became a raging lunatic...I was disgusted.