a classic tale of my car... the first zip car

as a bicycle commuter my car often sits idle on the streets
a few years ago my car became the first zip car
someone spent the days zipping around in my car

gwadzilla archive about my stolen and returned only to be stolen again landcruiser

my archives are interesting
less images
more words
lots more words and better writing
guess the job is more demanding
I do not have the time to slam the keys like I would like

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pedalmaniac said...

Great Truck. I had the same one -- although the Canadian version was diesel (4 cylinder, 3.4.L -- but got great mileage). Mine passed 300,000 km, but the body was about to fall off, so it was time to get rid of it. Bought it in '82 for $17 grand, sold it in '97 for $4500, drove it for 300,000 k, not bad!

I miss it.