an experiment: steal this bike


I have had to steal my own bike before
the key came out of the kryptonite lock before it went full circle



Isabelle said...

Ha ha ha ha, this would not work in my new town. Everyone here knows my bike is mine, it's pretty obvious no one else is small enough to ride it!

gwadzilla said...


no words about missing the SM100

no words about me missing the SM100?

no words about you missing the SM100?

no words?

no SM100?


Frank Brigandi said...

I've had to do that before...proof it was mine...rolled up paper with my name on it in the seat tube or seatpost.....
You're feeling the pressure of not doing the SM 100....go for a spin on the cross bike, do some dismounts, a few carries, some running, beat yourself up a little, you'll feel better......cross is 6 weeks away Joel......you ready?