heavy metal parking lot... well not really

heavy metal parking lot on wikipedia
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this is a great time for creation of a documentary
oral history is an amazing history
this would be a great time to get some oral history on record
with the release of American Hardcore there will be a buzz about the past and all sorts of people will crawl out of various cracks

this would be a great time to do a little documentary from the fans perspective
well... the people were not really fans
it would be the perspective of the people in the scene
not the musicians
although some may have been musicians
but rather those that made up the scene
there were various folklore heros in the scene

who would be interviewed?
what would they say?

there is mohawk andy that became t-shirt andy or maybe andy gore
andy could lead a walking tour of differnet spots in Georgetown where people met up and hung out
there was the Roy Rogers... yes... the Roy Rogers
the Exorcist Stairs
and under the bridge by the C&O Canal
maybe andy or someone else could tell me more
these places were as vital to the DC Punk Scene as the Wilson Center or the 9:30 Club
there was a time when Georgetown was a magnet for hanging out
wall wall people walking around
a carless miracle mile
most of the people too young to go in the bars
just moving about in an ameoba mass

how about for Dupont Circle which not only had bars in the surrounding area but the center of the circle itself was often a party
maybe for a section on Dupont circle there could be a smattering of interviews

someone could interview Jason and "one eyed" Bruce and they could recall all sorts of stories
Love Boat Jeff and Ron were story tellers then... bet they could tell some stories now
all sorts of people floated in and out
names and faces I can not recall
but people with a story

music would fit in the background
as would the smell of beer
maybe some vomit

there were so many people who were part of "the scene" on a different level
often going to a show but not going into the show
just hanging out on the Wilson Center stairs or in the alley by the 9:30 Club
there was Whispers and Charmichaels and over the DC Space I recall Charmichael's After Hours

various bars would have a "punk night"
all sorts of people could tell stories about BackAlley Cafe
motorcycles lined up in front of the Back Alley Cafe long before the Crow Bar ever rose to power

there were run aways
there were squaters

there would be people who would be worth a documentary on their own...

Lefty would be a name that would come on many people's top ten list of people of the scene and where are they now question
Lefty was a female skinhead... a female skinhead that happened to be black
I can not explain any more... but I think that she had folklore status on the whole East Coast during a period there
She could definitely tell some stories as she was there up front and center for a number of years

other story tellers would include Eddie Eamon or maybe Squint
both are exceptionally creative in their ability to tell a story
and well... they have some stories
they too could carry a whole documentary as themselves

just push record and ask a question...
one question could travel an amazing route of tangents through time

as I know nothing about film making
but this seems like simple enough documentary to compile
film these folks in a little Q&A
ask them the same set of questions
expand on answers to questions
gather some photos of those individuals at different eras of the scene
(while lefty may have been a skinhead through out... my old friend eddie eamon was teddy boy, a punker, a skinhead, I think I recall some sweat pants and some 80's version of bling, then a short stint in seminary school, and some time as a cop... okay.... like I said.... any one of these folks could be the center of a documentary)

who is going to make this?
so I can watch it

oh man...
funny to think of all the camps
I do not think that teenagers from all over have the social interaction that we did then

"shows" happened all the time
people went to shows from all over the metropolitian area
there would be all sorts of personalities represented
it is amusing to think back
there were scooters wearing mod apparrel
there was a goth crowd... who always seemed to travel in Chevy Chevettes
there were people in all sorts of boots and leather.... very few with motorcycles
there was all sorts of fashion and fashion being created

I am not sure if there is this sort of intermingling today
is there an underground

it has been 20 years since the filming of heavy metal parking lot

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