ian mackaye.... a great topic for documentary film or maybe a feature film

ian mackaye

ian mackaye?
google ian mackaye

need a picture?
google ian mackaye images yourself

I did google ian mackaye for images
could not decide if it were to be fair to put up a picture of ian then or ian now
as both a picture of ian then or ian now are worthy of representing ian mackaye
fugazi or the evens are as much a contributions as the teen idles and minor threat (and embrace and egg hunt.... or whatever)
so I post neither picture from neither era or any era in between
you choose what image of Ian MacKaye to use in your mind
but... please one without hair as he does not look as good with his bushy locks

as the release of american hardcore becomes nation wide the topic of dc hardcore and its influence of the modern day becomes a discussion
little things like that capital of punk pop up then people go searching for more
more pictures
more stories
more documentaries
maybe even a feature film will come to surface?

the feature film could be fact or fiction

I could see Spike Jonze doing a Being John Makavich thing with a bit of a Sliding Doors twist
where Ian Mackaye's life takes a different turn
maybe Ian Mackaye's music does not effect as many people
that music does not become such a focal part of his life
with no one listening to his ideas
does he drift away from that set of ideas
as the ideas were the ideas of a character
a character named Ian Mackaye that lived like the words in his songs
but without the songs
Ian Mackaye may have had no more reason to live like that
or something to that effect

where would Ian MacKaye's life gone?
would it have gone more conventional?
the college track?
college being more than just straight four years and time at the keg

maybe some of that
as college can be part time/full time/night school...
would Ian MacKaye become a businessman with a family of 2.5 kids and a two car garage?
more than likely not
although there is nothing wrong with becoming the family man
well, maybe some of that
but nothing too conventional
as Ian MacKaye is never that conventional
even without music I think that Ian MacKaye would still be a square peg

if we had Spike Jonze on the case he could make it more interesting story than a man in a suit going to his job
maybe Ian MacKaye's music never becomes that esscential to his being
a combination of too much work, not enough response, and not enough money caused Ian to put down the instruments and just hang out
or just be and become someone different
well... this is all a little far fetched
as this is a resourceful person who did many things to sculpt his own future out of a world where he had to carve opportunities where no opportunities had ever existed before
in any case...
this other Ian character disbands from the band and music as a whole
continues in through high school like an average kid
without Straight Edge to sing about
there is no reason to live Straight Edge
there is no formation of a band, record label, a different band and so on
Ian MacKaye had become a person who had to live by his beliefs
as he was accountable
most kids can say something, then do another
but it is not so easy when you are standing on a soap box screaming your lungs out
but this soap box did not exist for this ficticious Ian MacKaye who lived a different existence
an existence without his music and without his effect on the world

Ian had energy
that energy had to go other directions
without punk rock and music Ian would have to devote his time ot standard things
a standard existence may have put Ian on the wrestling team, in the weight room, and at the keg
introducing him to a different set of people
letting those people to head down a different path
a very different path without his contribution
their individual destinies are all changed
as their cumulative effort was lessened without that one vital contribution
like a winning soccer team without its power goalie or perhaps its leading scorer
maybe that winning team is not a winning team any more
some players leave for other teams
the team folds

so this other Ian MacKaye finishes high school
goes to college....
and lives in a world where Dischord Records never evolved and DC Hardcore never fully blossomed
almost impossible to say
as the removal of that part of the puzzle changes the whole puzzle afterwards

where would Dave Grohl be right now?
perhaps Dave Grohl would have grown up to play drums...
but without Dave Grohl playing in SCREAM based out of Washington DC
assuming that Nirvana could have been born on the West coast if Ian MacKaye and all of his contributions never existed on the East Coast
would Nirvana have blossomed into what they became without the contributions of Dave Grohl?
enough with that
the world is filled with what ifs...
and well
I am not Rod Serling
my point is made
the contribution is significant

those contributions effected music and the future of music to a profound level
but the music itself effected people and those people effect the world
the music of Ian MacKaye and the music around him made people think
the music was very and still is very expressive
the passion is often carrying more than just an emotion but also a thought
those thoughts within the songs helped to develop the thoughts of many individuals
those individuals are all part of the world today in one way or another with that music's ideas as part of their mental and emotional development

did I mention straight edge?
oh yes... I did mention straight edge
we may need to call in someone who knows what they are talking about
there may need to be historians called in to piece this all together
straighte edge... it is so part of my everday vocabulary

too much red wine
best I finish this thought and head to bed

ian mackaye alone is enough material for a documentary

ian mackaye... maybe worthy enough of A&E Biography to do a documentary of
but personally
I think that Biography should always wait till the person is dead before their air the show
as the story has not ended until after they are dead

I wasn't going to do it
but.... here it is
ian mackaye on wikipedia

ian's name and face can be seen around all over the place
interviewing skateboard legends or cranking out a kids song for pancake mountain
still producing music and still running dischord records (I guess still running Dischord... as it still operational and someone has to run it)

the fictional ian existed with an actual brother, sister etc. who are also passionate filled with ideas and creativite
this brother was also involved heavily with music
as was/is the sister
so, the chance of backing down from the passion was not so easy
as that same raw energy existed at home
not just with his peer group


Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I just read through yours, and I have to say, I love it! The pics, the rants, the spontaneity--very creative and artistic in an e.e. cummings sort of way. I like.

Anyway, as for aerobars on bikes--I was reluctant to get them. After 3 years of triathlon, I decided to go for it. But, you'll still see me in the hoods out there on the roads as well!

gwadzilla said...

on the altered destiny of the world and more specifically the world of music...

REM exisited independently than the DC music scene for may years
in the later REM years it was amusing to see Michael Stipe borrow the fashion style of Ian MacKaye and the dance moves of Guy Picciotto

the ripples of some cause greater changes than the ripples of others

gwadzilla said...

on the altered destiny of the world and more specifically the world of music...

REM exisited independently than the DC music scene for may years
in the later REM years it was amusing to see Michael Stipe borrow the fashion style of Ian MacKaye and the dance moves of Guy Picciotto

the ripples of some cause greater changes than the ripples of others

gwadzilla said...


I am all for customization
and aero bars are part of the tri-package
I just feel that there are times when people are a bit off the brakes and too focused on their own momentum when rolling down the multiuse trail

my riding a fixed gear makes me a potential menace
as I hardly know how to stop
which means I have no room to talk

whatever enhances your riding and your riding passion...

go with it


Anonymous said...

Alternative Ian. You really should run with this and do a cartoon. Maybe Alternative Ian could go to SMC instead of the sister of the dude from Iron Cross.



btw he is in a lot of documentals like "diy or die:how to survive as an independent artist" or "american hardcore"
but thats right will be great


gwadzilla said...

death to false blogs

so good they named it twice

or do you stutter?
if you stutter
I did not mean to make fun of you