it all adds up

it all adds up
all the good
all the bad

even the little things add up
each little piece of chocolate cake adds up
the small piece of chocolate cake adds up to be more than no chocolate cake at all

the same goes for cycling
a little is more than none at all

cyclocross has a set of demands different than mountain biking
not only is the terrain and the style of bicycle different
but the sort of expenditure and the sort of physical demands are also different

I count on any and all small efforts I attempt, to build into me being more comfortable on the cross bike
just as I count on my many small efforts on the mountain bike to add up

up and down curbs on the cross bike is as awkward and cornering or braking
everything is different on a cross bike than on a mountain bike
these are two very different animals
like a yak and a gazzelle

this morning I was able to get away for nearly an hour and a half
shamelessly drove to a nearby school when I should have rode
did just over an hour of a mixture of stuff
as the other 20 or so minutes would be zapped up by the short drive and taking the bike on and off the car

the morning was nothing from a training magazine
just guessed my way around testing vary things
letting what was available in front of me dictate my actions
a little set of sprints on the flat grass playing fields
some dismount remount attempts up and down the curb sidewalks
some dismount to stair run ups of various length stairs connecting the upper and lower parking lots
a few sprints up paved hills in the neighborhood around the high school
slow 180 degree turns on both paved and grassy surfaces in the parking lot and around the goal posts
tried to touch on some physical legs and lungs as well at the previously mentioned technical efforts
sprinting but nothing that caused me to drool, pass out, or want to get off the bike forever like a cyclocross race

it was a short work out
just over an hour
but an hour more of testing my touch than if I had not ridden at all today

the short cycling efforts were supposed to be the cumulative positive
while the chocolate was supposed to be the cumulative negative

I think....
then again it was Eddy Mer... oh never mind I would just be quoting a movie
that movie
le course en tete
a good movie to add in the inspiration for getting back on the bike or getting on the trainer
or just to watch while you stuff your face with some popcorn

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