it is all very curious

it is all very curious
as I never know what appeals to people on my blog

the rants
the images
the information
it is there for me
it is there for me to share

I enjoy the rants as it is a good outlet
I enjoy the images as they are fun to collect and create
and the information
I like the information, often my blog page acts as bookmark for a later time
I also like to share my ideas, my images, and my collection of random information

but often I wonder what the handful of people that read my page are looking for when they come to gwadzilla.blogspot

I guess it varies
some may come only for the images
they may pass up reading my rants

hopefully others enjoy the words
reading and reflecting on what I have to say

and well
the information
the links are helpful as the links not only share information of what is happening around the world and locally here in washington dc

yet there are times where I wish I were a fly on the monitor
watching and listening
trying to figure out what the handful of readers are seeing when they view my page

for me it not only serves as an outlet
it works as a diary
it is fun to look back on the years past and read my own thoughts and view my collection of images

do people care about the CAPITAL OF PUNK walking tour or what Ian Sevonious is up to?
well.. it is interesting to me
so for some reason I think that it will be interesting to some


gewilli said...

if ya doing this blog thing for others... ya ain't doint it for the right reasons

dats my POV

stupid said...

There are times when I come to read the rants. Other times I scan the photos (actually even if I'm looking to read a rant, I'll still scan over the pics). And though I don't always read the local punk history, I usually enjoy it when I do.

It's all insight into your life. I think that's the draw of most blogs. It's like you left the shades open on the window to your living room when you live on a busy street. We drive by and catch a glimpse. Some go by daily. Some only travel down your street once.

gwadzilla said...

I hear ya
it is something I enjoy
something that I do for me
a very theraputic process
I do get curious what appeals to people
who is reading


Mike said...

With reference to the first comment, I don't think that zilla was asking what interests people so he could respond to that. I read the post and understood the question to be - why are you here?

If I suddenly had one thousand people following me, I would wonder why. To me, zilla was wondering aloud - but in the end there is only one person who knows why he posted.

As for why I read, I started commuting by bike to work. I am not a "biker" in that I bike for sport. I actually don't bike that much for enjoyment. My friend thought I would enjoy this blog (and I have).

Why do I continue to read? I appreciate the posts on commuting on bike. I find them insightful and helpful. As for the other posts, it is color on the commentary.

- Mike

bruiser said...

My high school english teacher told us we should write like we talk. You seem to write like you think, Joel. I believe that's better. Kind of a haiku jedi mind communication thing. Props homeboy.


gwadzilla said...

thanks mike
appreciate it

I had an english teacher in college who really liked my journal for Nuclear Predicament
but failed me in composition

I enjoy the outlet
glad you like it
scan the archives
gwadzilla pre-photo was more word rich