jodie foster has class

jodie foster has class
jodie foster is hot

not that stage of jodi foster
I am no john hinkley
the present day jodi foster

present day jodi foster is amazing

never really followed the music creation of jfa

but I did grow up watching Family Affair

Jodie Foster was on an episode of Kung Fu

jodie foster has an intensity to her that is really amazing



gwadzilla said...

I forgot to tell you
I had a dream with Ian in it
very strange
very very strange

Anonymous said...

hey, man -- i don't think jodi foster was in a family affair, was she? i think it was anissa jones?

gwadzilla said...

no Jodi foster was not on Family Affair
that red headed kid was
the brother and sister characters were named buffy and jodi

and sabastian cabet played mr french
mr french was british

it is all very confusing

gwadzilla said...

and in Kung Fu with David Carradine

the flashbacks had no asian accent
while the adult had a slight accent

Frank Brigandi said...

what about that lame movie with Scott baio and one of the girls from that band joan jett was in....
she is purdy though, Family affiar was sort of a sad show though

gwadzilla said...

leave it to beaver
i love lucy
family affair

life before cable

I grew up watching the reruns of the shows of my parents generation

I still love The Andy Griffith Show
if my parenting could only be more like Andy's

Anonymous said...

A dream with Ian??? Was he reading one of my letters?


gwadzilla said...


Jesus Krishna said...

Jodie Foster is the ANTI-CHRIST and must die.

Patranoid said...

She wasn't in the cast of Family Affair but did appear on one episode. She played a bully who beat up Jody. That looks like her with him in the photo - Johnny Whitaker.

gwadzilla said...

interesting that this post on a bicycle blog is so popular